Download Hands-on Prompts for Maker Literacy Kits 


We believe in open-source educational materials, so we are making these prompts available to benefit as many learners as possible.

We cannot do this work, though, without support. It costs $20 to provide a Maker Literacy kit to one student. Please consider donating $5-$20 for every PDF you download. 100% of your donation supports Maker Literacy Kits for Oakland students!


Now more than ever, it’s critical that kids have hands-on learning materials at home! This unique moment invites students to become independent learners, and high-quality books and materials have a role to play in empowering kids to develop curiosity and critical thinking. When shelter-in-place started in mid-March, we set out to distribute 1,000 SPARK! Maker Literacy Kits for Oakland youth, ages K-5. We blew past our goal and we are now planning for distance learning in August.

Our new goal is 1,000 additional kits delivered to students for Back to School, and we are producing and distributing kits as funding arrives. Please support us today

This project is a collaboration with the Oakland Literacy Coalition. It was initially made possible with COVID-19 Rapid Response funding from the Rogers Family Foundation, the Abundance Foundation, and with support from Oakland International High School. 

Check out photos and learn more about how these kits were designed and assembled here.

Prompts were designed by a number of experienced educators and artists. They include Paula Mitchell, Susan Wolf, Miko Lee, Ascha Drake, Brooke Toczylowski, Peter Limata, Sydney Dexter, Angi Chau, and Susie Wise. Interpretation by Aracely Sifuentes-Ordaz, Oakland Educator & Artist. Graphic Design by Juliet Buck.